Teen Dresses

Teen wear is a challenge to any designer brand. Sporadic and sudden changes affect this customer line with much variety to explore, be it the fabric or attire. Fusion works are infectious trends universally.

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Teenage is an exploration process and most items are unisex wears. Gadgets, shoes and hand bags become coveted accessories and team as day wear and evening party wears. Hairstyles go on from razor cuts, messy hair, gelled look and other feminine short bob styles. The look has to be complete. Grunge looks also do not allow any faux paux like stilettos on gypsy skirts. The coordination here to has to be perfect with fake or real tattoos and piercing fetishes.

Teen wear is trendy and cotton wears and lycra ones are most preferred. College trends happen in T’s in full sleeves or cut sleeves. Short cool tank tops in summer colours include sky blue, sun yellow and mint green. Denim and jeans scream ‘Fashion’ with motifs, embellishments and graphic designs. Tear offs and frayed bottoms are all time fashion except one should be able to carry them off without looking scruffy.

Recent pencil fit jeans and corduroys in pink, blue and browns are fashion colours for the season. Tops come in halter, lycra fits, tie ups and tight bodices. Tunics are going to stay with the vagabond kind of prints and huge bold geometric shapes. Leggings have been here for some time with body fits and suit all body types.

Shoes are essential for protection and form signatures too. Formal styles for girls come in matching metallic tones, fruity colours for beach parties and strappy comforts. Flat shoes are making a comeback with lot of tie ups. Quality has to be maintained at all times and the price on footwear is an investment. Men’s wear come with trek boots, mountaineering heavy ones, feather light sneakers for daily use and other formal ones for distinguished evening wears.

Inner wear is an exclusive collection coming with sports section, regulars and other detachable shoulder straps. Formal evening wears light up with assorted prom and pageant collections complete with styling helps. Hand bags and clutches form other essentials.

Woolen wear for teens are warm cardigans, shawls, stoles and turtle necked pull overs. Zip wear uppers are also seen in amazing colours and corduroys feel. Denim jackets in plaid, tweed and shades of blue are casual coats. Trench coat adds style to a skirt and formal top or a short dress. Beach wear swim suits are other cool fashions with more trends catching up each season.

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